Songs from Revenge S01E17 Doubt

“Igloos For Ojos” by Lovers
Scene: Victoria calls Lee to get a message to Daniel in Rikers.

“Feel It, Superior” by Retribution Gospel Choir
Scene: Mason talks to Jack.

“Revolution” by The Dirty Secrets
Scene: Emily watches Victoria meet with Lee.

“One Soul Less On Your Fiery List” by Okkervil River
Scene: Nolan tells Jack what we found out about the account and tries to convince to go after Amanda.

“If It Be Your Will” by Leonard Cohen
Scene: Victoria and Dominik talk after having sex.

“Coming Down” by Dum Dum Girls
Scene: Jack tells Declan he’s going after Amanda and says goodbye to him and Nolan; Nolan lets Declan know that he knows he’s protecting Jack.

“Someday In The Future” by Bad Sports
Scene: Emily fools Lee into giving her information on Victoria.


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