Songs from Teen Wolf S02E04 Abomination

Datsik & Infected Mushroom (feat. Jonathan Davis) – Evilution
Scene: Ericka and Isaac launch themselves at Derek

Jordan Klassen – Sweet Chariot
Scene: Lydia talks to boy in doctor’s waiting room

Jordan Klassen – A Thousand Parasailors
Scene: Stiles delivers Allison’s message to Scott

Katie Costello – A Beautiful Mystery
Scene: Stiles runs messages back and forth between Scott and Allison

Wolfgang Gartner – There and Back
Scene: Lacrosse Game

Hannah Georgas – Chit Chat
Scene: Stiles and Lydia talk

Barbouze – There Will Be Blood
Scene: Coach asks Boyd to play

Gold Fields – Moves
Scene: Boyd plays lacrosse

The Filthy Pillows – Bass Go
Scene: Argents at dinner table


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