In the Mail #3: The Whisper Jar by Carole Lanham


So just this Thursday, my mom texted me that I have another package waiting at home. I couldn’t believe it since The Whisper Jar isn’t expected to come this early. But it’s here! That was fast. It was sent June 4 and it arrived on June 21. Yeah, so I went home on Friday because I was so freakin’ excited to get my hands on this and here it is! That’s the package from Carole Lanham, the author of the book, from Missouri. The packaging was nice since it had a cushion for the book. And below would be the actual book! The pages of the book are so nice, once again, I love being able to touch the printed word. The book is actually autographed but I forgot to take a picture and I am too lazy now to do so. It reads “Dianne, May all your secrets be good ones. Carole Lanham” and I’m apparently winner #4.


So, there! Thank you to Carole Lanham for holding this giveaway and even signing the copy and pers0nally sending it to us winners and thanks to Goodreads for hosting this book. You will hear from me soon about this book but go read it! :D


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