Songs from Teen Wolf S02E06 Frenemy

Atari Teenage Riot – Collapse of History (Christine Remix)
Scene: Kanima fights Derrick, Scott and Stiles arrive

Exit 59 – Danny Boy (Mike Bordes Mix)
Scene: Scott and Stiles enter the club

Zedd – Slam the Door (Dirty Need Remix)
Scene: Scott plans to attack Kanima, Stiles tries to get Danny

Shouting At Planes – Surrender
Scene: Scott and Stiles contain Jackson in van

Chris Lake & Lazy Rich (feat Jareth) – Stand Alone
Scene: Scott checks the back of car

Digital Daggers – Fear the Fever
Scene: Scott and Allison talk about their relationship going to a new level

Of Verona – Dark In My Imagination
Scene: Allison meets with Lydia and finds out about Kanima being controlled


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