Songs from Awkward S02E03 Three’s a Crowd

La Sera – Break My Heart
Scene: Jenna sits between Jake and Matty in the Gym

Carey Haynes – Doe Stacks
Scene: Tamara and crew dance in the gym

Matt Max – American Graffiti
Scene: Jake talks to Jenna about Matty in the hallway

Class Actress – Weekend
Scene: Montage of Matty coming between Jenna and Jake

WOW – Werewolf
Scene: Tamara and Jenna talking on the phone

Katie Herzig – Best Day Of Your Life
Scene: Kevin gets in the hot tub wto mes with Jake and Matty

Matt Max – Clue
Scene: In locker roomJake tells Matty Jenna was in love, Matty runs to tell her he’s in love

Mates Of State – Maracas
Scene: Kids confess bad things Ricky Schwartz has done to them

The Lovely Bad Things – I Just Want You To Go Away
Scene: Montage of Jenna getting Jake away from Matty

Laura DiStasi – Go On
Scene: Tamara and Jenna talk in the hot tub

The Filthy Pillows – Don’t Knock
Scene: Jenna asks Matty to butt out of her relationship with Matty

The Royalty – I Want You
Scene: Tamara and Valerie talk at the 5k, Jenna talks to Jake on the track

Tanlines – All of Me
Scene: Tamara flicks off Sadie, Jenna talks to her Mom on the track about Kevin Leaving


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