Book Haul #2: July 14, 2012


I am so busy I wasn’t able to post it last week! Can you imagine that? I wasn’t able to show off my loot? Haha! Braggity brag. Anyway, last week, a local bookstore here in the Philippines, Fully Booked, had a 20% sale on almost all items and I perused that sale like crazy! I bought The Night Circus! I bought Gone, which was not in my wishlist ever but I’ve been visiting the bookstore for about three days and it just spoke to me. Haha! I also bought Flipped, which is somewhat of an impulsive buy since I didn’t really plan this one out but I’ve been wanting to read it for so long. Lastly, I bought The Maze Runner because I really want to. I also bought Angels Crest for Php 100, another sale they had aside from the 20% off. I was so happy last week nothing could have brought a frown in my face. What can I say, purchasing books makes me happy! I still prefer holding a paperback than reading on my laptop or on my Kindle app. Anyway, that’s it! Btw, sorry for the bad lighting, was in a rush when I took the photo.

So the post series would be Book Haul for books I bought, In the Mail for books I got from abroad or wherever, as long as it came from the post office. What should I do about eARCs  I get from NetGalley? Should I post them too? That’s a lot. Oh well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading! So what books have you bought recently?


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I'm a TV and film junkie. Be it American, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, I watch them all. No wonder I don't have enough sleep and hard drive memory. Hee. And oh, fangirling is my business.

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