Songs from Awkward S02E04 Are You There God? It’s Me, Jenna

Peach Kelli Pop – Girls Of Summer
Scene: Jenna in the church lobby eats a donut and talks to Lissa about Church Camp

The Baikal Paradise – Coffee Two
Scene: Jenna talks to Tamra about in the hallway about going to church camp

Matt Max – True Lies
Scene: Jenna walks out of Valerie’s office and decides to “Lean on Jake”

Drexler – Swift
Scene: Jenna talks to Jake and Matty about Matty’s “Mystery” girl

Midi Mafia – Vampyres
Scene: Jenna asks Tamara to come pick her up

Babe Youth – Happy Faces
Scene: Jenna talks to Sadie and Lissa in the bunk room

Tan Vampires – I Found A Body
Scene: Clark convinces Jenna to Stay

SpekrFreks & Decoding Jesus – The Path (Spekr Freaks Edit +GT Edit)
Scene: Clark leaves Jenna and Lissa at the dance

Memoryhouse – Bonfire
Scene: Jenna sees the wise side of Lissa

Eux Autres – Broken Record
Scene: Jenna blogs about her church camp experience and interacts with the mysterious commenter

Best Coast – Up All Night
Scene: Matty and Jenna talk at his locker and see Courtney





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