In the Mail #4: Heirs of Prophecy by Michael A. Rothman


I joined a book blog tour for this book and I just got my review copy! I said that I live in the Philippines and that they can just send me an ebook since a paperback would be costly to ship. But they were very generous and said that they can send it to me. I only go home during weekends now since I now live in a dorm so I was really excited to go home this weekend to get my grabbity hands on this! It’s a middle grade book but I just skimmed parts of it and it looks really interesting and good. I’m thinking of holding read alongs but the publisher might not be too thrilled with that so I guess I’ll stick with my book blog tour stop. I’ll find another book to do a read along. Something like one chapter a day or something so I can squeeze in reading time even if I’m busy. Anyway, this made my day!


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I'm a TV and film junkie. Be it American, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, I watch them all. No wonder I don't have enough sleep and hard drive memory. Hee. And oh, fangirling is my business.

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