To the Beautiful You releases First Teaser

To the Beautiful You is Korea’s own take on the very popular Japanese manga, drama and drama again, Hana Kimi. It’s about a cross-dressing girl who enrols in an all-boys school. This adaptation is mostly funded by SM Entertainment I think and so Sano is played by SHINee’s Minho, Mizuki by f(x)’s Sulli and a whole lot boy group members are here. Nakatsu is played by Lee Hyun Woo, who’s growing up so nicely. Heehee. To the Beautiful You airs on August 15 on SBS. Enjoy!


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I'm a TV and film junkie. Be it American, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, I watch them all. No wonder I don't have enough sleep and hard drive memory. Hee. And oh, fangirling is my business.

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