Songs from Awkward S02E05 My Love is a Black Heart

Ellie Lawson – Ba Ba Da
Scene: Tony paintballs students on Valentine’s Day

Summer Twins – I Will Love You
Scene: Valerie drags Tony to the office, Matty asks Jenna for advice about a date

Katie Herzig – Oh My Darlin’
Scene: Valerie talks to Jenna in her office, giving her candy hearts; Jenna talks to her Dad about Valentine’s Day

Meiko – Stuck On You
Scene: Jenna and Jake sit down next to Matty and Courtney on their Valentine’s date

Mammoth Logic – Met On Mars
Scene: At the Black Hearts Dance, Ming and Tamara observe Ricky Schwartz

Laura Stevenson And The Cans – The Healthy One
Scene: At the restaurant Matty eats off of Jenna’s plate

Beat Club – Something Better
Scene: Tamara unsuccesfully hits on an Emo guy; Ming documents her first “Red Cup”

Stepdad – Jungles
Scene: Tamara turns the lights back off after decided to hit on a guy by the door

The You And Me Ensemble – The Silence Of The Night Weighs Down
Scene: Jenna Walks outside the restaurant and Matty brings her ice for her head

Mustard Pimp – Donks
Scene: Tamara interrupts Ming and Fred Wu making out

Stepdad – Warriors (Jungles Part II)
Scene: Tamara sees Sadie making out with Ricky, then pees her pants

Field Mouse – Glass
Scene: Jake tells Jenna he loves her

Brock Tyler – Don’t Break Your Heart
Scene: Jenna gets home from her date, talks to her mom, then talks to Tamara in her room





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