Songs from Awkward S02E06 What Comes First: Sex or Love?

We The Committee – This Won’t End Quietly
Scene: Jenna blogs about Jake saying “I love you” and why she didn’t say it back

Masha Qrella – Hawaii
Scene: Aunt Ally tells Jenna and Lacey about her engagement

Chalk and Numbers – I Hope You DO
Scene: Sadie and Ricky make out in the Sanctuary

Jesse Baylin – There Goes My Heart
Scene: Jenna talks to Matty in the hallway about Jenna wanting to have sex with Jake

The Hugs – In Love
Scene: Sadie and Ricky make out in his car; Jenna and Jake find Lacey, Ally, and Valerie at home

Alice Russell – All Gold
Scene: Sadie shows up at Jenna’s house, Ally is marrying her uncle

Brock Tyler – On Saturday, Maybe
Scene: Jenna talks to the ladies about “first times”

Oy Vey – When I was Young
Scene: Sadie calls Ricky to see if he meant what he said to her

The Lower 48 – Into The Woods
Scene: Jenna blogs and talks to her mom about sex)

Evan P Donohue – Will It Ever Change
Scene: Jake and Jenna sit in the front of Jake’s van

Best Coast – No One Like You
Scene: Jenna and Jake talk about their first time outside of and in the back of Jake’s van





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