Book Review: The Accidental Movie Star by Emily Evans

The Accidental Movie StarThe Accidental Movie Star by Emily Evans

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think I enjoyed this more than I should. Who doesn’t dream of being the assistant of the most handsome guy on Hollywood? Of your dream guy? Of basically even just an actor? I know I daydream about that a lot. So it was like a dream come true for me to read about a girl who gets to work on a film starring this gorgeous guy. Sure, it was enjoyable but I am not blind to not see the flaws even though Caz makes me giddy with glee and delight. Heehee.

I started reading this while waiting for my experiment in the lab to be done. This has been a recurring pattern lately, me reading while waiting. So it was a fun, breezy read, one that I finished in one night. Yes, I finished this book in one night. Says how much I like Hollywood and actors, right? Haha!

Both characters were lovely but they weren’t original. Actually, everyone was your run-off-the-mill stereotypes. Olive that over-eager, gossip-loving-and-spreading other assistant, the agent who overworks her actor, the obnoxious actresses, the gorgeous and playful but issue-ridden Hollywood star and the normal girl who gets to live every other fangirl’s dream. You can see the plot points coming from a mile away but you just read through, in it for the ride. Sometimes, you just need a brainless read and this one surely fits that category. Wanna have some fun reading? Read this and you will have successfully passed your time without getting stressed over characters and the plot. It’s all been done before so yeah.

As expected, the ending was so nicely tied up, you can gift it to someone depressed. Seriously. So on to matters that actually matter, I do have a problem with how it was written. It’s in the third person perspective but sometimes it felt like it badly wanted to be in the first person that it’s actually jarring to read it. You need to show, not tell and this book told and told things instead of showing them. Or maybe that’s just me getting confused.

Anyway, if you’re daydreaming of working for that actor you’ve been drooling over, you gotta read this and imagine yourself as the girl. But if not, I don’t think it would be that much enjoyable. It is enjoyable but just as much as that you’d probably finish this book. Hope this review helps!

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