Book Blog Tour: Gallagher’s Hope by M.K. McClintock (Review + Giveaway)


I’m supposed to host a character interview today but sadly, the weather has made that impossible since I lost my Internet connection, so I wasn’t able to send my questions to MK and MK was busy too. Rest assured I will still post a character interview in the near future. But for now, a review for Gallagher’s Hope, the second book in MK McClintock’s Gallagher series! Read along!

Gallagher's Hope (Gallagher, #2)Title: Gallagher’s Hope
Author: M.K. McClintock
Gallagher Series #2
Genre: Western Historical Romance

She sought a new beginning.

He sought what he didn’t know was missing.
Together they would discover hope in unlikely places.

Isabelle Rousseau must escape New Orleans and the memory of her family’s tragic loss. With her younger brother in tow, she accepts a position as the new schoolteacher in Briarwood, Montana. Desperate to keep what’s left of her family together, Isabelle joins her life with a stranger only to discover that trust and hope go hand in hand.

Gabriel Gallagher lived each day as it came believing he had everything he could possibly want . . . until a determined woman and her brother arrive with a little luggage and a lot of secrets. It will take a drastic choice to protect her and give them both hope for the future.

Formats: Paperback and Kindle
Publisher: Trappers Peak Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0615638799
ISBN-10: 0615638791
Release Date: August 1, 2012
Series: The Montana Gallaghers

Book Trailer

Excerpt #1

There was nothing left of the life she had known.

Her slender arm wrapped around the little boy’s shoulder and pulled him closer to his side. She could feel his slight trembling and wished more than anything that she could take   his sadness. They were alone in the world. They had each other and she prayed that would be enough for them both.

They stood and listened as the priest gave the final blessing and the caskets were lowered into the ground. It wasn’t something anyone should witness, but she needed the closure. She needed to know that it was over. ‘A very sad affair’ everyone called it for it wasn’t every day that a man murdered his wife and then shot himself. It wasn’t healthy to think on the possible reasons why, but she couldn’t seem to help herself. She had truly believed that they had been a happy family. One of the wealthiest in New Orleans and one of the most respected and sought out for social gatherings. The truth however, was revealed with her father’s death. No one would speak of it to them of course, but the lawyer had made it quite clear.

They were penniless.

Excerpt #2

“You promised Gabriel, you promised!”

Gabriel wasn’t a light sleeper. In fact it often took a great deal to wake him from a pleasant slumber and last night had been one heck of a night’s sleep. He enjoyed waking with Isabelle in the room. What he didn’t enjoy was being yelled at and falsely accused before he’d even had his first cup of coffee. Her words though, did enough to bring him about.

“Good grief, Isabelle it’s too early for yelling and I didn’t break my promise.” Gabriel moved around the side of the bed until he located his boots and slipped them on. His happy memories of holding her in his arms the night before were quickly replaced by anger and irritation.

“What do you call waking up next to me then Gabriel?”

“If you’ll take a good look at yourself, and me for that matter, you’ll see we’re both fully dressed. More’s the pity.”

My Review

It’s raining so hard here in the Philippines. All I want is to curl up in my bed and read. What better book to read than a historical romance? And a Western historical romance at that. Imagine all the fields, the rolling hills, the barns, the stables, the dresses, all the tea, reading while drinking tea, sigh, good times. And that’s what I did.

Gallagher’s Hope is nothing short of Gallagher’s Pride, the first book, and MK did a fantastic job with the follow-up novel. The writing, oh the writing. MK has successfully captured 1800s or that’s what I think the 1800s feel and sound like. Even though I really like contemporary and YA novels, I just admire those who write historical novels because it takes a lot of research to know how they talked before. And you have to be conscious of yourself always since you can’t change tone and you need to make sure nothing sounds amiss.

Surely, the pace seems slow since MK has to describe everything, build the world the characters live in. Moreover, I think the pace of the 1800s is naturally slow. I mean, what could you possibly do all day? The novel feels natural to its time and topic and though I do love some fast-paced storytelling, I don’t mind slower ones when it’s appropriate, or needed or just good. And those three all applies to Gallagher’s Hope.

Gallagher’s Hope is capable of being a standalone novel but it also smoothly segues into Gallagher’s Pride. And I am sure Gallagher’s Choice, the third book, will also be able to do what Gallagher’s Hope did. There’s plenty of love, angst, sadness, happiness, all the crests and troughs you go through life are shown here, making you feel them as you read it. But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just a romance story. It’s full on the emotions, yes, but it’s also part mystery and part adventure. What more can you ask for?

So I recommend this for anyone itching for a historical romance done right. Hope this review helped! :)

About M.K. McClintock


McClintock is an entrepreneur, baker, photographer, tour host, reviewer, and multi-genre author. She was born on the west coast, but after less than eight years she left with her family to the Rocky Mountains. After more adventures around the country, business-college, and culinary school, McClintock found a place to call home in Montana.

Over the years McClintock traveled the country and visited magnificent Scotland. She dreams of a time when life was simpler, the land rougher, and the journey more rewarding. With her heart deeply rooted in the past and her mind always on adventure, McClintock will always call Montana home.

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