Book Blog Tour: Embrace by Cherie Colyer (Review + Giveaway)


It’s here! My most awaited blog tour is here! For one week, novels by Omnific Publishing are getting read and reviewed across blogs. For this tour, I will be reviewing two books, Embrace today and Destiny’s Fire on Saturday. I will also be reviewing other books outside the tour and I’m so excited to do that too. So read along for a short teaser, my review and to enter the giveaway! Enjoy!

About Embrace


How far would you go to save the people you love?

Madison is familiar enough with change, and she hates everything about it. Change took her long-term boyfriend away from her. It caused one of her friends to suddenly hate her. It’s responsible for the death of a local along with a host of other mysterious happenings. But when Madison meets a hot new guy, she thinks her luck is about to improve.

Madison is instantly drawn to the handsome and intriguing Isaac Addington. She quickly realizes he’s a guy harboring a secret, but she’s willing to risk the unknown to be with him.

Her world really spins out of control, however, when her best friend becomes delusional, seeing things that aren’t there and desperately trying to escape their evil. When the doctors can’t find the answers, Madison seeks her own.

Nothing can prepare her for what she is about to discover.

Dangerous, intoxicating, and darkly romantic, Embrace is a thriller that will leave you spellbound.

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Short Excerpt

He leaned in closer to me. His eyes were a shimmering, deep brown, but there was a speck of ocean blue at the edge of his right iris. I couldn’t remember what I was about to say. My heart did a pirouette in my chest, and my breath caught in my throat. I closed the distance between us. His lips were firm and warm, and I wanted to kiss him forever.

Book Trailer

My Review

So when I signed up for this blog tour, I couldn’t really choose what to review between Destiny’s Fire and Embrace. I ended up choosing Destiny’s Fire. But I told Julie that I can’t really choose and that I would love to review another one. So when she emailed me that Embrace needed more hosts and reviewers and that she remembered me having some (read: A LOT) difficulty over choosing what to review, she offered me to review Embrace. And I grabbed the chance like it’s water at the desert. Yeah, not exaggerating there, nope.

So what can you insinuate from the blurb? Almost nothing, right? I think the blurb is a piece of genius. It ropes you into reading the novel because it is mighty interesting and Isaac seems like some hot piece of man but mostly because of the premise. But it left out a lot of details for readers to be not just interested but to actually read the book to find out what the actual plot is.

And to keep the anonymity surrounding the novel’s plot, I will not divulge much info too except that this is a paranormal novel. And that it is great. Cherie Colyer writes amazingly, the flow never stopping and you can’t help being moved by the current of her writing, of this story. You can’t help but read and read and read, not stopping until you get what you want. I didn’t know what to expect of the book when I started reading it but I was surprised in a very, very good way with the direction it went. This is a YA paranormal novel and both aspects or both genres were shown effortlessly, not one overshadowing the other as in some novels. Cherie Colyer’s debut novel is such a great read, I can’t wait for her upcoming novels and see what she brings next to the table, or in my case, in my hands to read. Heehee.

This is such an amazing book as there is mystery and I am a mystery buff. Actually, you won’t know it’s a paranormal novel by the first few chapters though there are hints thrown here in there. It just feels and reads like a normal YA novel until it all starts. Love it!

I really really like this novel and I was actually in Swoonsville while reading it. Isaac, you, you, you, sigh, such a swoon-worthy hero. And their relationship? Fireworks! I know theirs was kind fast but still, I can’t resist a romance, how fast it may have formed, if it’s like this.

Overall, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS. Heehee. <3

About Cherie Colyer

Cherie’s imagination extends far beyond her Illinois roots through her love of books and reading. The discipline of her career as a Network Technician provides an opposing mindset for her fictional stories. Cherie combines her fascination of all things mythical with her passion for writing to weave together middle grade and young adult stories. Her young adult paranormal romance/thriller, EMBRACE, is now available.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, writing, reading, and loves a challenge. While she has had many great experiences, her most satisfying experience is seeing her children and stories grow into their own exciting and distinct entities.

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