Songs from Awkward S02E07 Another One Bites the Dust

Sucre – The Cliff Waltz
Scene: Aunt Ally reveals her wedding dress

Solar Taxi – Gung Ho
Scene: Lacey, Tamara, and Jenna help Ally prepare for the wedding

Barreracudas – Numbers
Scene: Jake, with Matty, talks to Jenna on the phoine about not going to the wedding

Caracol – Shiver
Scene: Jenna and Tamara make wedding favors, talk about Ricky and Sadie

Ko Ko – Float
Scene: Valerie shows up to fill in as a bridesmaid, Jenna asks her to help distract Ben from Lacey

Shelley Fraley – All That I Wanted
Scene: Matty shows up to drop off Jake’s suit. Jenna confesses that its been hard for her

Sea OF Bees – Gone
Scene: Ally tells Lacey she took 3 muscle relaxers, they talk about why she’s marrying Dan

Ezza Rose – 2%
Scene: Sadie asks Ricky abiut cheating, Ricky tells Sadie he loves her in front of Tamara, she cries to Jake

Kim Novak – Not So Sure
Scene: Jenna confronts Ben, tells him to leave Lacey alone

Katie Herzig – Way To The Future
Scene: Jenna calls Jake to tell him she loves her, Sadie tells Jake about Matty and Jenna





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