Book Blog Tour: For Ever by C.J. Valles (Review + Giveaway)

Today, I have a review and a giveaway going on for the For Ever tour. Yey! For Ever is a YA paranormal novel by C.J. Valles, the first from the Ever series. I think that’s a cool way to name your book series. Props! Anyway, without further ado, here’s For Ever!

About For Ever

For Ever

For Ever starts now

Sixteen-year-old Wren Sullivan doesn’t want to know what other people are thinking about her because most of the time it sucks. Too bad since that’s what happens every time she looks into someone’s eyes.

When she moves to Portland, Oregon, after her parents’ divorce, Wren’s just hoping to get through the rest of her junior year unscathed. Instead, before the end of her second day in school, she wakes up in the hospital after her very own freaky demonic-possession incident. Wren can’t remember much. But soon she finds out that her episode happened right after she locked eyes with the one classmate who happens to have gone missing.

Wren starts digging through people’s heads for the truth about him, and finds nothing. Godlike hotness? Yep. But nobody knows who Ever Casey really is. Even weirder, they don’t seem to care that he just disappeared. So, when he randomly shows up again in her first period class, she’s determined to get some answers. He may be perfect on the outside, but with one look into his eyes, Wren discovers his mind is also perfect, perfectly empty.

Or is there something he doesn’t want her to see there that will put her and anyone near her in danger?

When For Ever ends, Never begins.

Never, the second book in The Ever Series, is coming soon.

My Review

We’ve always been told not to judge a book by its cover. But as a reader, that is so hard for me to do. What do you see first? The cover, right? So naturally, you gravitate to books with covers you like then you flip the book and read the blurb at the back. Then if it sparks your interest, you buy it or you put it in your Goodreads To-Read shelf. Haha! I, myself, am guilty of judging books by their cover. So when I saw that sign-ups are open for this tour, I almost passed. Good thing I had nothing better to do but read the synopsis. Then, BOOM, sold. I need to get on this tour. Have you read the blurb? Sounds good, huh? I’m telling you, YEAH IT IS.

I was wondering why the title is spelled For Ever and not Forever and so I got it, the guy’s name is Ever. Haha! Anyway, let’s get all the minor gripes I have out of the way before I give my praises. Hihi. Aside from the cover, I just had a little problem wrapping around the heroine’s name, which is Wren. It’s cool, I think it’s cool for a girl to be named Wren, but I kept thinking about Wren (play Julian Morris) from the show Pretty Little Liars while I was reading it. I was sort of distracted at first since I have a HUGE crush on Julian Morris and I am kinda thinking about naming my future son Wren. HAHAHAHA. Okay, that was SO not related to the review. With those qualms on the table, let’s get to the good stuff. So what does For Ever have it going for it?

For Ever is a paranormal romance or maybe a romance with paranormal elements. Even though I got distracted with Wren’s name, I liked her character. Sure, I love alpha females and kickass heroines but Wren’s shyness and laid-back attitude just endeared her to me. Maybe because I see a friend in her I dearly love. Ever is duh, hot and swoonworthy. Seriously, my list of book boyfriends is getting longer every single day. Haha! The characters were not one-dimensional and had a lot going on for them (yeah, because it’s a paranormal novel) so check, check, check on characters!

As for the plot, it just ate up my time! I barely slept, just reading until I finished. Seriously, these books take up more time than my academics, which I think is bad. Really bad. But I don’t get sleepy when reading fiction but even just one paragraph from my textbooks makes me yawn. It was intriguing, with twists you’d get tangled into. The writing was good and point is, you’ll just eat this book up.

However, sigh, the ending is a cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers. Actually, I love them. If a book ended in a cliffhanger, I tend to love it. Because it makes me hate the fact that I can’t read the next book asap. Sigh. So good job on that one! Made me REALLY want to hunt down the author for an eARC of Never. I’ve mentioned that I love the titles right? But good news is that the author has just finished writing Never! Yey! I read it in her blog and Never is now in the editing/rewriting process. She plans to release it on Valentine’s Day of 2013 but attempts to release it sooner. Sooner please!

So I recommend this for any fans of paranormal romance. Join in the giveaway below to get a chance to win an ebook copy of For Ever so we can spazz together. Haha!

About C.J. Valles

I grew up in Southern California before moving to Northern California for college, where I majored in English and psychology. I’ve been a professional writer for more than a decade, but I just finished my first novel in 2008 — for fun and practice. Then I wrote the second one — For Ever — which is for sale on Amazon. When I’m not writing fiction, I work as a freelance public relations writer. I live in Portland, Ore., with my husband, the saint who spent an entire weekend reading For Ever.



You can win an ebook copy of For Ever. Woo to the hoo!

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2 thoughts on “Book Blog Tour: For Ever by C.J. Valles (Review + Giveaway)

  1. I agree i would have judged this book by it’s cover. It gives no clue as to the real story you’ll find inside so I’m glad you did a review. I added it to Goodreads under the name Lacey and i follow you by email

    • Thank you for taking the time to read the review. I had to spread the word that this novel is more than its cover. Thanks for dropping by, Lacey! Good luck on the giveaway! :)

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