Songs from Awkward S02E09 Homewrecker Hamilton

Thieving Irons – So Long
Scene: In Dad’s apartment, Jenna blogs and resists the urge to text Jake

Cultfever – Strangenecks
Scene: Tamara, Jenna , and Ming sit on a bench and talk while Jake preps the Wheel of Pep

People Get Ready – Disappear
Scene: Jenna raises her hand to participate in the wheel of Pep, Sadie calls her up

The Skeptics Present Envy – Party Down
Scene: Jake calls Matty to the Wheel of Pep

Baron Bane – My Slow World
Scene: Jenna blogs about the damge she’s done, then interacts with the mystery commenter

The Dagons – Heaven Wasn’t In The Sky
Scene: Jenna, Tamara, and Ming in the slut wagon talk about the blog getting out





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