#nowplaying Next in Line – Walk the Moon

I love this song! Gah, I memorized it after two listens I think. Haha! It’s so catchy and it’s actually sweet. I still swoon everytime I hear this song because of the line “Won’t you stay shotgun until the day I die”. I mean seriously, that line just kills me. I don’t know about you but staying shotgun forever with a person is pretty sweet to me. That in every ride, that person is there, sitting next to you. ALTHOUGH, I think the persona (woah, persona) in the song is a hormonal teen/twenty year-old. I don’t know if it’s just my dirty mind but I don’t think “stick shift” only means the actual stick shift of the car. Plus, “Push me honey to the up and right” and “I said the stick shift push it to the up and right”. Hahahaha! Anyway, still, love the song, it keeps me awake when I’m doing my homeworks. And this video just rocks so much. Walk the Moon forever! <3


About whoopeeyoo

I'm a TV and film junkie. Be it American, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, I watch them all. No wonder I don't have enough sleep and hard drive memory. Hee. And oh, fangirling is my business.

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