Songs from Awkward S02E10 Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

Oops! With Suits on midseason break, I forgot that Awkward is still on and so I would have never posted this until some friends and I spazzed about Awkward. So here it is!

Tu Fawning – Anchor
Scene: Jenna writes in her notebook instead of blogging

Kopecky Family Band – Heartbeat
Scene: Various people want advice from Jenna

Drexler – Lovely Ghost
Scene: Jenna talks to Tamara about confronting Matty and Jake

Matt Max – Time Soap
Scene: Matty and Jake sit nest to each other in class, the Julies debate over who is better

Mates Of State – Palamino
Scene: As Jenna walks down the hall towards Matty and Jake, a crowd gathers

EMA – Breakfast
Scene: Lacey tells Jenna why she wrote the letter

We The Committee – Elephants
Scene: Kevin tells Jenna about what Lacey means to him


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