Book Blog Tour: Marching with Caesar: Conquest of Gaul by R.W. Peake

Today we have here a guest blog from R.W. Peake about Marketing and of course, I’m gonna promote his book, Marching with Caesar: Conquest of Gaul. Sit tight and enjoy!

Marching With Caesar: Conquest of Gaul

Marching With Caesar-Conquest of Gaul is a first-person narrative, written in the form of a memoir as dictated to a scribe of Titus Pullus, Legionary, Optio, First Spear Centurion of Caesar’s 6th and 10th Legion. The memoir is written three years after his retirement as Camp Prefect, when Titus is 61 years old.

Titus, along with his boyhood friend Vibius Domitius, joins the 10th Legion in the draft of 61 BC, when Gaius Julius Caesar is the governor of Spain. Titus and Vibius are assigned to a tent group, with seven other men who will become their closest friends during their times in the legion. Titus, Vibius and their comrades endure the harsh training regimen that made the legions the most feared military force in the ancient world. The 10th Legion is blooded in a series of actions in Spain, led by Caesar in a campaign that was the true beginning of one of the most brilliant military careers in history.

Three years after joining the legions, the 10th is called on again, this time to be part of the subjugation of Gaul, one of the greatest feats of arms in any period of history. During the subsequent campaigns, the 10th cements its reputation as Caesar’s most favored and trusted legion, and is involved in most of the major actions during this period.

This first book of a completed trilogy closes with Caesar crossing the Rubicon, and the 10th preparing to march to war, this time against fellow Romans.

Genre: historical fiction
Rating: PG

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Guest Blog: Marketing As A Bind

Many authors see marketing as a bind. What are your thoughts?
by RW Peake

I don’t see it as a bind as much as I see it as a challenge, and a necessity for any author who wants to have any control over his own work. I am fortunate that I come from something of a marketing background; as a recruiter in the Marines, I got to intimately know how to market the most difficult product in the world, and to do it more successfully than any other competitor in the space. Whatever one’s politics or viewpoint, there is no arguing that the Marines and their “The Few, The Proud” are one of the iconic brands, not just in the country but in the world. From there I spent a few years in the software business, some of it in Product Marketing. So I understand the importance and need for getting your product out there in front of the public, with a message that resonates. All that said, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy, especially for those of us who are self-published.

About R.W. Peake

“I am a 53 year old retired Infantry Marine, born and raised in Texas and currently living on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. I have been writing since my first novel, written at the age of 10, when my friends and yours truly fought off the Soviet hordes, who just happened to pick my block to launch their invasion. That was their big mistake. But like a lot of dreams, it got sidetracked until recently, when I decided to focus my passion on an era and subject that interested me a great deal. Like my characters in Ancient Rome, I have served as the pointy tip of the spear of our nation’s policy, and it is with this perspective that I tell the story of Titus Pullus and his friends. This is my first published novel, and is the first in a completed trilogy that covers the career of Titus Pullus.”

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