Songs from Awkward S02E11 Once Upon a Blog

Blouse – Into Black
Scene: Jenna blogs about trying to decide between Matty and Jake

Best Coast – My Life
Scene: Jenna deciides to write fiction about her own past

Nicole Reynolds – When We Meet Again
Scene: After Jenna doesn’t have sex with Matty, she tells off her Mom

The Chord and The Fawn – Good Intentions
Scene: Jenna sits at lunch with Matty and tells off Sadie

Matt Max – Stop Making Sense
Scene: Jenna in Val’s office

ALyX – Show You Mine
Scene: Jenna , in full on beotch mode, blogs about how bloggiing is stupid

Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling
Scene: Jenna and Matty walk outside, she demands a limo, Jake tells Matty that Jenna’s a bitch

Phantogram – 16 Years
Scene: Jenna decides to write fiction reimagining her Jake relationship

Dum Dum Girls – Bedroom Eyes
Scene: Jenna thinks there’s sexual chemistry, Jake thinks there’s not, they do it again in various places

Babe Youth – Break Me
Scene: Jenna tells Jake she’s pregnant

Spectrals – Chip A Tooth(Spoil A Smile)
Scene: Jenna decides to write fiction about choosiing neither boy

The Cutes – TodayIs The Day
Scene: Matty and Jake hold hands as they walk down the hall

Frances – Between Us
Scene: Jenna finally makes her decision





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