Songs from Underemployed S01E06 The Tasting

Antenna’s Up – Pretenders
Scene: The gang plays baseball in the apartment

Them Terribles – Rich Girls
Scene: Daphne and Miles discuss his lines and her student loans

Blind Pilot – We Are The Tide
Scene: Lou and Raviva talk about the Tequila event

Curious – Shine
Scene: Sophia drops her phone in the toilet at Laura’s house

3D Friends – She’s Beautiful
Scene: Establishing shot

Thieving Irons – So Long
Scene: Daphne asks Deb for a raise

The Royalty – Say The Word
Scene: Raviva and Sophia talk about her new phone

Sonia Rao – Here Now
Scene: Raviva tells Jamel about the Tequila event

Ash Gray – Your Gun Is Out
Scene: Laura gets Sophia her own cup at the Japanese restaurant

Isaac De Heer – In Another Way – Part One
Scene: Laura gets Sophia her own cup

Eckman – Castle Romance
Scene: Daphne and Todd discuss the Madrua party

Baan ft. Ear Jerker – Sobrando
Scene: Club source – Sophia complains about her phone situation to Lou and Raviva, then Bekah arrives

Amtrac – Why You Look So Blue
Scene: Club source – Jamel surprises Raviva at the club

The Balconies – Moving Parts
Scene: Sophia meets Natalie in line for the bathroom

Robotanists – Have We Met Before
Scene: Lou and Raviva argue at the club

White Arrows – Coming or Going
Scene: Lou and Bekah talk at the club

White Arrows – Settle Down
Scene: Deb thanks Daphne for having her back

The Lost Chorus – Begin Again
Scene: Sophia breaks up with Laura

Family of the Year – Hero
Scene: Lou and Raviva talk in bed, Miles and Daphne get ready for bed


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