About and History

I realized my identity is so shrouded in mystery. You see, back then, I don’t want people to know who I am. I guess I was shy and afraid that my friends and classmates will find this blog and tease me with it (which my friends actually do now that some of them know this HAHA). But then, I haven’t even mentioned my first name! Well, I did, in some of my posts but, yeah, you get the point. But I’m not to post a picture because I’m shyyyyy. :P (Whatever.)

I’m Dianne! I live in the Philippines (proud Pinay!) and will turn 18 this November 2011. I go by the name “whoopeeyoo” in Fighting! Fansubs and in Twitter (@whoopeeyoo) but my URL is tomakunisnumberone. Stupid high school self. Back when I made this blog, I was so obsessed with Ikuta Toma, thus, the namesake. I even remember making this blog in our school’s library during lunchtime because there’s Internet there back in July 2008, careful not to let anyone see my computer screen. And now I’m full of regret. I still love Toma but I am not as obsessed before (same with JDramas) and this blog is actually more on Korean Entertainment. Which is why I decided to go with the name whoopeeyoo. It’s the title of my blog, really random at that but I realized that tomakunisnumberone is so cumbersome to say. I decided to use whoopeeyoo for all my fangirling business. I recently discovered that I can change my display name to whoopeeyoo! So tomakunisnumberone is just an email address and a URL and nothing else. :P

A problem eventually arose because I also use “churlaloo”. Now, that’s the name I used for my personal accounts. Sadly, I used it also in all of my forum accounts. Stupid me when Jay left 2PM. When Jay left 2PM, I registered to all forums dedicated to the KPop groups I like and love. Stupid me. Anyway, I now have three names! tomakunisnumberone, whoopeeyoo and churlaloo and it’s quite a bother to be known when I have so many names. Oh well.

My Drama Craze History

My first Korean drama was the Tagalog-dubbed Autumn in My Heart that aired here in the Philippines back in 2003. I was 10 years old then and I was in grade school. My heart was smitten by Won Bin (and will forever be). I never stopped watching dramas since then. My first Japanese Drama would be Gokusen, which was also dubbed here back in my 2006 summer break. I was an incoming sophomore in high school then. That is what started my years of being enslaved to JDramas. I watched all of our local network’s offering of JDramas and KDramas. Gokusen 2, Hana Yori Dango, Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven, Full House, My Name is Kim Sam Soon and a lot more. It was only when I was a junior that I discovered Veoh. I watched Nobuta wo Produce, Dragon Zakura, Kurosagi, Tantei Gakuen Q and a whole lot more without stopping. I just watched all day during my Christmas break and that is all I did when I got home from the dorm. Yeah, I lived in a dorm during high school so I can only watch at home. (That is before we were able to watch from our dorms. BWAHAHAHA). It was really hard for me to be a kdrama junkie because I know no one who’s like me. My friends were not interested in dramas at all. At last…

All of my dormmates were into this JDrama called Hana Kimi and I got sucked in too. Since subs are late, we just watched it, not stopping until our eyelids dropped. I finally found people who love watching dramas! Granted, it took a while because animes were their thing before. We watched Nodame Cantabile together. It was really fun. I was a junior then. My roommate, Verna, got sucked in my drama craze and we watch tons of stuff together! Hana Yori Dango 2 and Nodame Cantabile. I remember us rushing to the dorms during breaks and dismissal to watch Nodame. She was a gift because I finally have someone to spazz with! I watched Proposal Daisakusen, Yukan Club and a lot more this year (not with her necessarily).

My senior year came and I’m as addicted as ever. Code Blue, Hotaru no Hikari, Maou, Voice, 1 Liter of Tears, 14 Sai no Haha  and a lot more has been watched this year. Anyway,  since I now have an audience, I burned this DVD I like to call my JGS Movie Collection. It contains Baby and Me, DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo, Going Crazy Waiting and Happy Life. I think I’ve watched Baby and Me a total of 10 times because of that. Each room in my floor borrows it and I watch it with them. It was really fun because I spread the addiction like wildfire! Now, even non-dormers have watched JGS movies because of me and many girls in my batch were now in love with JGS. HAHAHA!

I then promoted Mei-chan no Shitsuji and a lot of my friends liked it. They were even addicted to it. I promised I will wait for the hardsub version but Verna even watched the finale in Mysoju. HAHAHA! I also made this blog back when I was a senior so my first posts were about Maou, Voice and other dramas, mainly starring Ikuta Toma. :)

As I watch JDramas, I naturally got sucked into JPop as well and JE Entertainment of course. And the most important, fangirling over Japanese guys. :P I especially loved Ikuta Toma, Yamapi, Mizushima Hiro and Mukai Osamu among others. MatsuJun, Teppei and a whole lot more!

My KPop Addiction History

I was not sure of the exact date and actually the month is a little blurry too but I think it was of October 2008 that I fell in love with my very first Kpop group, Big Bang. I found TOP in someone’s blog and thought he was handsome. Those eyebrows, gah. Then I found Big Bang in their Lies days wearing these cool outfits and I thought, what a cool group. Then I found this picture of G-Dragon and I fell in love with him and with Big Bang. I listened to Haru Haru and boy did my jaw drop and my earwaxes flow. Then Lies and every single MV they’ve made back then. I was able to catch their Last Farewell and Sunset Glow promotions before they had their Japanese promotions and all that waiting. Since then, I have loved Big Bang all the way.

My next fandom would be SHINee. Should I tell the story? It was January 2009 and I was a senior in high school. My close friend Quilab made me listen to a SHINee song on the bus ride back to our school from a retreat. It was Love Like Oxygen and I liked it. Next days were filled with trying to copy the dance steps to it. I’ve been reading about them before but I didn’t bother to check it out. I was pretty on my JDramas phase then. When I watched Replay, Taemin became my fave member because of his dancing. Then Jonghyun because he looked handsome. But in the end, my fave member is Key and I have this super strong bias towards Onew that developed at a much later time (first year in college, when Cel became a fangirl and her Onew-bias washed over me). Next would be Super Junior in May 2009 and 2PM right after. Since then, it was unstoppable. When I become a fan, I drain all Youtube videos, I read as much as I can on Soompi and I even read everything CN BLUE’s soompi thread up to some time. I am really dedicated. When MBLAQ debuted, I trolled a blog dedicated to them. I download most shows and GAH, I am obsessed. But these are just phases in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Kpop but I haven’t been active since Jay left 2PM. Sarah and I realized that it was the start of our dwindling interest in Kpop. I’m listing my Kpop fandoms for reference. :)

KPop Fandom

2AM, 2NE1, 2PM, 4Minute, Beast, Big Bang, C.N. BLUE, f(x), KARA, MBLAQ, Miss A, SNSD, SHINee, Super Junior, T-ara

That doesn’t mean I don’t like Wonder Girls or Lee Seung Gi or Loveholic but these are the ones that I actually read about and the ones that I have complete discographies of. :) I actually saw 4minute and Beast already! <3

The Return of my KDrama Craze

 I think it started when I started religiously visiting Dramabeans and reading recaps. And recently, The KDrama Gods have been good and gave us wonderful dramas. I think it started in 2009. I still casually watch KDramas with my Mom (forgot to tell that my Mom is also a KDrama fanatic) like Love Story in Harvard, Thank You and more. But when Boys Over Flowers came, I just had to be part of the hype. Oh, Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. I was not that addicted but recently, I’ve acquired the KDrama sickness again. You’re Beautiful, this is your fault! But my Internet disappeared when You’re Beautiful was airing so I was only able to watch until Episode 5 (sort of real time = week of the broadcast). I only relied on recaps in Dramabeans then I just can’t stop! I read almost all of javabeans’ recaps and I still do. The first drama that I downloaded via torrent was My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Then, Dream High, My Princess, Secret Garden, 49 Days and the list goes on. This May, there are tons of dramas and I’m planning to download them all!

TV Series Mayhem

When my interest in Kpop wasn’t as strong as before, I started veering off to American TV Series. I realized that while my friends and peers were off watching House, Chuck, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother and other shows, I was busy with Asian Dramas (and Movies!) and JPop and KPop that I actually don’t know a thing about these. So to sort of cope up and have more things to talk about, I started watching these and I am currently still in this daze. I’ve watched a ton and I will still watch! This TV Series Madness came together with the latter parts of the Return of the Drama Craze so my plate is so full! Or, my uTorrent is so full! At first it was only Glee and White Collar then they keep coming! And now, most of my time spent on the Internet is dedicated to FINDING more shows to download. As if I don’t have a lot right now! I visit wikipedia a lot, checking for acclaimed shows even if they’re old. Ahem Freaks and Geeks, Wonderfalls and Undeclared. HAHAHA! And this craziness doesn’t show any signs of stopping! And I hope it won’t stop!

So, I am now addicted to KDramas and American TV shows. I still check KPop news sometimes but not like before (I gobble up every single article Allkpop publishes). I haven’t watched a JDrama in months-to-years but I plan on starting to watch again since I’ll get supply from Sarah. As for JPop, sorry. :(

That’s a long story and I haven’t even written most of it! Just ask me if you want! HAHA

My Online Duties/Tasks/Memberships:

-I’m the owner and only poster in these tumblogs: churlaloo, allsignsofdeath, fuckyeaheita, fuckyeahmatsudashota, fuckyeahokadamasaki, nicholasdagosto. Yeah, that’s a lot and I haven’t updated most of them because I will say this now, I SOMEHOW LOSE INTERNET CONNECTION ALWAYS. And I have a lot of stuff going on, so yeah. Anyway, if you go visit these tumblrs, that’s me! I should say Fuck Yeah! Okada Masaki is the most updated and is also the first tumblog I made that’s dedicated to a person. I’m a huge fan, OKAY? I made it on impulse but I think I’ve managed it good when I’m not busy. The Eita and Matsuda Shota were made on impulse and I kinda regret it. I love them but I don’t have enough time to actually update it regularly. I just made them because I was shocked that there’s no tumblr dedicated to them yet. Actually, I made all tumblogs on impulse. Tsk, impulsive girl.

-I’m part of the group that handles andrew-emma@tumblr so I also post there. I had this Andrew Garfield phase and I saved like more than a hundred pictures and gifs of him. Haha! So excited to see him as Spidey!

-I’m an editor at Yoo Ah In Haven. I place tags, categorize posts neatly and also make headers. Heehee. :P

-I’m an editor/QCer/Final QCer at Fighting! Fansubs! Yes, my dream of being a subber has finally came true!

-I’m an editor ay Kizuna Fansubs too.

-And I own this blog! Yey!

So, guys, forgive me if I’m not that active because I do have a lot of things going on. I still go to university and now I’m an officer in an organization. But if you want to talk to me, just do it! I actually need people to talk to and spazz to. Heehee.

Contact me at tomakunisnumberone [at] gmail [dot] com! I do really want to talk to my co-fangirls! :)


8 thoughts on “About and History

  1. lols whoopeeyoo… just stumbled upon your blog when i visited electric blog’s directory. i am also a proud pinay! :) i just love reading your about and history. and woah, you got a lot going girl… *salutes*

    also, i saw the Haven and read about the facebook page you had issues with. i think you have collab a lot about this and i had not read a much about it, only the one posted on your homepage… i think you can write fb, give evidences, and they can warn that page. not really sure but it can even be a basis for closure of her page. it’s somewhat akin to identity theft.

    • Woo, Pinays! I love Blue and Bella for including me in their blog directory because my blog gets a referral from it everyday. So thankful to them. <3 And glad you found me haha! And yes, I'm a proud Pinay. *high five*

      Yes, that issue sucks. I haven't been to Haven that much but we've been trying to negotiate but the owner of the fanpage just wouldn't budge. I hope it gets resolved soon because Haven's name is being tarnished and it's putting a strain in this fandom. I mean, we all love Ah In so why not cooperate?

      Anyway, thank you for paying my blog a visit and hope to see you around! :D

      • yeah that is sad :( especially when people tend to use you/your goodies and even your name to get attention. if you can talk with your fellow admins in Haven… don’t waste your time negotiating with people like her. directly raise the issue to facebook, her page will be closed in no time. i’m not being harsh here, i am being realistic… i read how she answer back to your blog’s letter, tsk tsk tsk.

          • just try that one, i hope it works out cuz i feel indignant about that baddie :)

            cya around.~~~

          • hi again, can you give me the address of that facebook. i’m one of the admins of darksmurfsub.com, we link our fb acoount with other fb pages for promotions. asking you this so that we won’t link with said page or if we are already linking with them i could unlike them.

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