GTKM Thursdays #4: I’m nocturnal.


GTKM Thursdays #3: I love onion!

Woah, it’s been almost four months since my last Get-to-Know-Me Thursdays post. Haha! I’ve been so busy and I keep postponing on doing this type of post. I hope I can continue this drive I have right now. So I am abbreviating it to GTKM so that my titles aren’t very long. So, onions! I love onions as in I love them and eat them in large amounts. That’s why I always carry chewing gums because I tend to eat lots of onions. Heehee. That’s all for now! Zzzzz…

Get-to-Know-Me Thursdays #2: I love cold showers!

Woah, finally posted this one. Haha! It’s been sitting in my drafts for way too long. I will update this category more often, I promise.

Anyway, so cold showers. I grew up in a household where we don’t heat water for bathing unless you’re sick. So even if it’s December and the cold water might get you hypothermia, it’s still fine to me because I grew up with it, I love it!

Plus, heating water equals more expenses so no-no. If you can stand it, you should bathe with it. Haha! That’s it for now! I really gotta sleep.

Get-to-Know-Me Thursdays #1: Happy Birthday!

So to kickoff this new series of posts I’ll be doing, which I’m calling Get-to-Know-Me Thursdays, here’s the first post. I just realized I wanna share about my life, whuuuuuut. Hahahaha! This is my lame attempt to shake things up (bleh). Anyway, this is my lame attempt to post something new and to have a weekly post thing. I’m planning on having a post per day but I have no ideas yet so please sound some ideas on the comments section! Music Mondays is common but I can’t do it because I’m not really a music buff and I don’t know a lot of songs. I need ideas! Anyway…

And the number 1 fact I’m sharing this Thursday is that, it’s my birthday! Weehoo!

Okay, so I was not able to transfer to my domain on time for my birthday but we’ll get there. I hope! And since it’s my birthday, I don’t want to blog so much, heh. I need time for mahself (pfft). Plus, I’m not even home I think when this gets published. And yes, I’m the person who schedules post way ahead of time. It’s fun! And it ensures that I have a post everyday. Hihi. Anyway, that’s all! Expect quirkier and weirder facts soon! :)