We Were Evergreen – Best Thing Lyrics

when you walk you should never turn round
never turn round, never turn round
or we’ll all vanish into the ground
depp underground, amphibian bound

on the whole you have gotta think straight
gotta think straight, thotta strink gate
put in all in a blanket of wavs
a blanket of wavs, a blanket.dot.wav

after all you could have been the best thing
you could have been the best thing oh no
you could have been the best thing
you could have been the best thing for me
you could have been the best thing
you could have been the best thing
you could have been, you could have been

when you’re up you should never look down
never look down, never look down
out of luck, out of meaning and bounds
circles in rounds, circles in rounds

semaphore, you’re a beacon of light
a weakening sign, a leak undernight
cellar door, put your memory behind
I’m out of this mind and fresh out of rhyme

I’m gonna turn, gonna turn
gonna turn into you
I’m gonna turn, gonna turn
gonna turn into you

*I personally transcribed it from the CD booklet


We Were Evergreen – Antlers Lyrics

I rolled out of bed out of comfort
and saw that I had a thick woollen head
and two antlers, how did it come to that

I know you said I will forget this
that I’ll pull it off
with a little time and some practice
but I won’t live long enough

so you’ve seen it all, yeah you’ve seen it all
but you won’t see me
yeah you’ve done it all, yeah you’ve done it all
but what have you done for me

I dropped out of school out of college
and just disappeared
I left you a note for your knowledge
nothing’s worth staying here

my fur is a dark German forest
my tail is a brush, there’s thousands of marks
leading nowhere, I am not in a rush

so you’ve seen it all, yeah you’ve seen it all
but you won’t see me
yeah you’ve done it all, yeah you’ve done it all
but what have you done to me

*I personally transcribed it from the CD booklet

We Were Evergreen – Quicksand Lyrics

I’m not turning back
I’m not coming for you
there’s no time for that
there’s no valid excuse

the less I comprehend
the blanker maps will abound
won’t you come over
so I can wrap you around me

we’re now stranded in the quicksand
we’re now choking on words
we have landed in the deep end
we’re not moving onwards

I’m a sick device
a transit gloria tune
those infected eyes
are so becoming on you

keep no track of time
we’re not settling scores
it’s a sacrifice
not a casualty of war

shed no layered skin
shed no light on us all
every severed twin
will wear a sign on their soul

*I personally transcribed it from the CD booklet

We Were Evergreen – Daughters Lyrics

I slept like a village and woke up inside you,
the years had all vanished
and swallowed up the dark
somebody had finished the book I was writing
the ending was wrong
it just went back to the start

a carpet of women all rippled with silence
to cover me with the remainders from the floor
the lake wanted swimming
I melted inside it, and sank to the limits
I’d been there once before

daughters fill this up
(we’re not gonna make it)
(we won’t make it in time)

and 49 daughters cut 49 heads off
they clog up the bottom
and here they’re floating still
one hole to another, an intricate circuit
the more you sieve out and
the more you have to fill

the barrel is leaking, the water’s a-seeping
the boulder’s a-weighing
it’s all uphill from now
we have to ignore this and fly to the surface
it’s too high above us
we won’t make it in time

*I personally transcribed this from the CD booklet.

We Were Evergreen – False Start Lyrics

gun was shot after I was already up
the rule is clear it’s a false start, a false start
two men drop, one to the bottom and one to the top
we got ourselves in a cold war, a cold war

bird in hand, friend of a feather, the muscle plan
didn’t work out like I thought it would
eyes ahead, keep on rippling through the sand
once I stop it’s over, it’s over

in the fast track i’m a ticking bomb
minor setback, but I’ve gone too far
I can make it, just a few more yards
I’m not failing, yeah I’m almost done

can’t believe what just happened, it wasn’t me
I know better than losing like this
clear my head, nobody saw it, I’m up ahead
this is between the footmarks and me

4 long yeats, I’ve been waiting to conquer this
to spoil it up with a point one, a point one
I can’t let, let my people down, not again
not after that last headline, that headline

on the podium, I’m the golden man
in the columns, in the paper stands
what’s my record, it’s always the same
never beaten, yeah I own this game
yeah I own this game

*I personally transcribed it from the CD booklet

My 2014 Obsessions – Part 3

This is Day 3 of me sharing my obsessions for the year and the penultimate post on this series (I love that word). If you want to know my favorite albums or my favorite tracks of the year, click on the links and it’ll take you to my kind of jam. Day 3 will focus on movies so yay!

I love watching movies and since 2011, I had a movie challenge that I always failed. Either because I watch too many TV shows or because I got so busy or because I gave all my time to reading. This 2014, I challenged myself to 120 movies (hahaha) then I rescinded that to a hundred because it felt impossible. But then, just a few days ago, I cheated and lowered the bar very very low to 50 movies. And this year, I conquered the challenge! YAY!!! Don’t call me out on cheating, it’s not your place.

Having only watched 53 movies this year, it’d be weird to choose my top 10 movies. That’s 20% of my total count. So I only chose five and 10% seems fair enough. (What are these hang-ups I have?)

If you want to check out all the movies I watched this year, you can do so HERE. I also include short reviews for each film so you can read what I thought. Without further ado, here are my top five movies of the year!

Top Five Films
(in order of watching)

On The Job (2013)

I am so happy to have a Filipino film in here. This was the first movie I watched this year and goodness, I can still vividly remember it. I am so happy to have started the year with a bang with this. My heart felt like it was shredded into pieces.

About Time (2013)

Before this film, I could never quite answer what’s my favorite film. Now I can because it is this film. Goodness.


Kill Your Darlings (2013)

Probably the only four-star movie in this list but come on, it was about the Beat Generation and it has DANE DeHAAN AND DANIEL RADCLIFFE. Love the script, love the plot, love the acting, the directing, everything. So yeah, deal with it.

Ruby Sparks (2012)

Because of this film, I’m pretty much a Zoe Kazan fan for life. This movie is perfection. I don’t have any qualms about it.


Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

2014 was the year I became a fan of Matthew McConaughey. I have yet to watch a lot of his films but damn, I’ve long forgotten the rom-com Matthew McConaughey. It is really the McConaissance. And please, Jared Leto. Here’s what I thought about this film right after I watched it:

Fucking A+. I didn’t even see Matthew McConaughey or Jared Leto. All I saw were Ron Woodroof and Rayon. Fucking amazing acting. It definitely deserves all the awards it won.

Done! How about you? What are your favorite movies of the year?

My 2014 Obsessions – Part 2

So yay, for today, I’m sharing the tracks that I got obsessed to (read: played again and again and again for at least a week) this year. (If you want to check out my favorite albums for the year, you can do so HERE.) Here goes!

Top Fifteen Tracks I Loved This Year
(in no particular order because I want to keep my sanity)

Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton

I mean, I don’t blog much here anymore but I blogged about this song here. Seriously, guys, I played this for more than a week. This one song only for more than a week. Good thing I was wearing headphones (except when I was doing the dishes) because boy would I have been decked for listening to this repeatedly.

Somebody To You by The Vamps feat. Demi Lovato

Here’s another one. Like I said in my post here, I didn’t get addicted to this song until the second listen that happened months after the first. Then, I couldn’t sing any other song for a week. And yes, this has been the song that accompanied me in so many dishwashing duties I had. Oh, and I don’t like the album version actually. I love the music video version because Demi was more heard there. #LovaticForever

Lesson for the day: Dianne is the designated dishwasher in their household.

Ramona by Velociraptor

Damn these Aussies. Seriously. Their sound is a bit raw, well, it’s garage-rock so whadduyaexpect but heck if it ain’t catchy. And I really like the story of the lyrics. Can’t wait for more from Velociraptor!

Warning by Autre Ne Veut

Thank you, MTV and Faking It for introducing me to this song. Thank you. So catchy, so melodious, so infectious. Gah!

Tigers by The Submarines

Yeah, I pretty much get my songs from TV shows and films. So I got this one from Two Night Stand (starring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton and a movie I enjoyed so much) and I watched the film months ago but this song is still in my roster this time of the year. Once again, love the lyrics, and I don’t really know my way around music terminologies but this is just my jam. (It appeals to that side of me that still likes some cutesy indie pop and don’t look at me like that.)

Dreaming by Smallpools

If I have to thank Spotify for one single thing for this year, it’d be for this song. Actually, no, there are two more songs in this list brought to you by Spotify. And dude, they streamed WALK THE MOON’s Talking is Hard a week early and Spotify will forever be on my nice list during Christmas. ANYWAY, as I was saying, I discovered this song and Smallpools for that matter because of Spotify. ALL HAIL SPOTIFY. This song is so in-your-face and standing-up-to-the-man and I DIG IT SO HARD.

1957 by Milo Greene

I actually have Spotify to thank again for Milo Greene but not for this song. I listened to On The Fence on Spotify and I like what I heard so I dug more of Milo Greene’s discography and BAM, THIS SONG. So soothing yet so nostalgic and I love the message. Folk pop, man. The way into my playlist is via folk pop.

There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight by Cloud Control

Love love love the religious shit this song has going on if my interpretation is correct. It’s about the Ganges River, right? I listened to this song to calm me down and to let me focus during school days and I also slept with it playing. Not exactly good for studying if it can make me sleep but man, I think this is even better than bathing in lavender-scented milk.

Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin

I shouldn’t like Gabrielle Aplin on paper because her music is not usually my thing but boy, I can’t say no to this v talented artist and her heartfelt lyrics and melancholic tunes and voice. Plus, I associate this song to one of my favorite books of the year and it’s just apt that this is here as well.

Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me by London Grammar

London Grammar. I mean, heck, I can listen to Hannah Reid sing haunting ooohhs and aaahhhs the rest of my life, okay. HER VOICE, MAN. With the disbandment of Cavalier Rose (which broke my heart even if no one knows them which broke my heart even more because damn why aren’t they big), London Grammar filled up the gap after years of me searching for that band with the haunting female lead voice. Hey Now was my first song from them but I actually like this song better, I don’t know why.

Tous Les Memes by Stromae

I have to thank Cel for this but Stromae! STROMAE! Fucking Stromae. I can’t even explain how much his music videos are such works of art (HALLO, IT’S FRENCH) and gutting his lyrics are and most of the time. Of course I read a translation, dumbass, I don’t speak French. But man, talent. Talent. *slow claps*

Riptide by Vance Joy

Thank you, Spotify! I haven’t really listened to Vance Joy’s other songs because they didn’t really stick to me at first listen. But this one did. It’s even the first song I learned to play in my ukulele. Go figure.

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? by Arctic Monkeys

I’m not really a fan of Arctic Monkeys because I haven’t really listened to their songs but thanks to Miley (yes, Miley Cyrus), I got to know this song. I remember repeating this non-stop during my first weeks at work.

Let Me In by Grouplove

While I’m not a big fan of the The Fault in Our Stars movie (and the book for that matter), I love the soundtrack immensely. Here’s one I got off of it! I remember even having the lyrics on my phone so I can memorize it and sing it a capella. Uh, yeah, I’m that person.

Boom Clap by Charli XCX

I initially hated this song and then I got over it and I love it. It’s just so damn catchy and I’m powerless to it. Plus, Charli XCX! I like Nuclear Seasons too but that’s not really a recent release and I was way more addicted to Boom Clap than that song.

So that’s it for Day 2! Tomorrow will be dedicated to movies!

My 2014 Obsessions – Part 1

You know me, I like to keep track. And you know me, I am highly obsessive and easily excited. So I’ll be sharing the albums, tracks, movies, TV shows, and books I obsessed over the past year. Because I’m usually late at watching movies and listening to songs, everything mentioned in here won’t be strictly 2014 releases.

Part 1 will be albums, 2 for tracks, 3 for movies and lastly, 4 for TV shows. If you want to check out my favorite books from 2014, I’ll be posting that in my book blog soon. So, let’s get to it!

Top Five Albums I Loved This Year
(in no particular order because I don’t need added stress)
(and by album, I mean the WHOLE album, ALL the songs)

BLUE FILM by Lo-Fang (2013)

When I discovered Lo-Fang, I thought I reached nirvana. THAT. VOICE. THAT. TALENT. He’s a classically trained musician and he plays the cello, violin, etc in his gigs. And I won’t be able to stop if we get to the LYRICS. Damn, boy, you got me hooked on you 5ever.

Favorite tracks: When We’re Fire, Confusing Happiness

HOZIER by Hozier (2014)

Then I discovered Hozier and I set it my goal to marry him. Hahaha! I am mostly kidding. He’s freakin’ 24 and Take Me To Church has already been nominated for a Grammy. Sheer talent, man. His lyrics? So freakin’ gold. I am also absolutely proud of his success story because he came from nowhere and now he’s this big. He even performed in the VS Fashion Show. GAH. Plus, his long hair and scruff. WAHAHA. But seriously, I think he’s quite the greatest artist of this generation. I love Allen Stone too but Hozierrrrr. THAT HUSKY, RAW VOICE. DAMN.

Favorite tracks: Take Me To Church, To Be Alone (Jackie and Wilson, Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene, uhm every track?)

TOWARDS by We Were Evergreen (2014)

I haven’t blogged about it here because December was such a blur of busy days after busy days but We Were Evergreen went to the Philippines and I was there in their first show. I. WAS. THERE. I’m that cool, you guys. Haha! I love how fresh their sound is and duh, Fabienne’s mad xylophone skillz is enchanting. Ugh, I should have greeted them with Enchante when I saw them. That’s French, right? Anyway, they’re madly talented and they sound so good live. I love love love We Were Evergreen and their songs and I even got the CD I bought signed because they’re SO kind and approachable and I’m getting incoherent again because it was honestly one of the highlights of my year. I’ll try to post a recap of the event but don’t hold your breath on that.

Favorite tracks: Daughters, False Start (Quicksand, Best Thing, etc)

VESSEL by twenty one pilots (2013)

I will forever be thankful for my friend Miguel for introducing me to twenty one pilots. I didn’t really heed his recommendation until I heard WALK THE MOON cover their song House of Gold. After that, I was a goner. You’ll notice that I value the song lyrics so high and twenty one pilots won me over in that facet and with the chopped-up-but-it-works-greatly sound they have. I mean, they rap, they have slow songs, they do almost everything and everything is awesome. Goodness.

Favorite tracks: Holding On To You, House of Gold (Car Radio is so sad, you guys)



And of course, this album, which is still on repeat even though a month has already passed. WALK THE MOON is just my absolute favorite band and I love all of the songs in this album and how diverse the stories the lyrics are telling and I JUST LOVE THEM, OKAY?

Favorite tracks: EVERY TRACK (but between you and me, I love Come Under The Covers most)

Yay! Tomorrow, check out my top fifteen tracks. Because I rarely listen to whole albums.