Recaps and Reviews

Recaps and Reviews

American TV Shows

Body of Proof
Season 1 Episode 1

Covert Affairs
Season 2 Episode 1

Necessary Roughness
Season 1 Episode 1

Raising Hope
Season 1 Episode 1 2

Up All Night
Season 1 Episode 1

White Collar
Season 1 Episode 1

Korean Dramas

Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 5 6 7

Marry Me, Mary Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 1 2 3 and 4 5

Secret Garden Episode 1 and 2

Korean Movies

4th Period Murder Mystery (2009)
Baby and Me (2008)
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (2008) 

Korean Variety Shows

SHINee Hello Baby Episode 1

Japanese Dramas

Mei-chan no Shitsuji Episode 5

14 Sai no Haha
Attention Please SP (2007)
Boku to Kanojo no XXX
Ganges Gawa de Butterfly
Hanayome to Papa
Hotaru no Hikari
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru
Seigi no Mikata

Japanese Movies

5 Centimeters per Second
About Love (2005)
Halfway (2009)

American Movies

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Just Friends (2005)
When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Also check out for the movie soundtracks HERE as I also write mini-reviews alongside posting the songs. :)

First Impressions

Japanese Dramas

Atashinchi no Danshi
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Meitantei no Okite
Princess Princess D
RH Plus

Book Reviews

Just check my book review tag. :)


4 thoughts on “Recaps and Reviews

  1. Hi, i’m youngeul. i saw on ur web that they have poseidon, i wonder to ask are you gonna do the recap for the drama, because i really wanna watch it, but i don’t have internet at home, so i plan to see it at my school, but my school is suck they don’t allow me to go in any web and accept google and wordpress and yahoo. i hope that you can recap the poseidon so i can read it, because i did waiting for did drama so long, and i so excited about it.
    Thank you for reading my mess, waiting for ur reply.
    P.S: contact me at:, but i not always available so i may response for you when it possible as i can.
    Thanks again.

    • Hi, Youngeul! I will try but I cannot promise you. I don’t understand Korean and I have to wait for English subs just so I can watch. Can’t you access I think they will recap it. Will just email you if ever. I would love to if only I have the time and capability. Huhu. Hope you find recaps for Poseidon! (I will do my best to produce even one but I cannot promise it.)

      • Hi, whoopeeyoo! My school is suck, so i can’t access in dramabean anyway even i did try many time, and except dramabean i did try other web but they say it social or entertainment so i couldn’t go in, just got block everything. That why i so sad now. But anyway thank you for your help a lot.


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