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Songs from The Vampire Diaries S04E01 Growing Pains

“Twice” by Little Dragon
Elena remembers when Damon told her he loved her.

“Whirring” by The Joy Formidable
Caroline makes out with Klaus in Tyler’s body.

“Wait For The Morning” by Amy Stroup
Stefan and Elena talk on his rooftop.

OH MY GOD, TVD SEASON 4! I hate that I still have an exam and I can’t go home and download this and watch this. Ugh!

My Thoughts on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale

Now that the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries is premiering in a few days, it’s time to weigh in my thoughts on the previous season’s finale. I just finished the last few episodes of TVD’s Season 3 last, last (last?) week (I know it’s too late but blame school!) and color me shocked with what happened! Granted, I accidentally read a spoiler that made me postpone watching it because I was sorta pissed that I read it but I didn’t see things coming! Beware, SPOILERS AHEAD!

I didn’t get it immediately that Elena’s now a vampire. Everything was happening fast and I didn’t immediately understand it when Meredith said that she helped Elena. So my thoughts on the finale in bullet points because bullet points are love!

So it might be shocking (or not) that Elena is now a vampire after three seasons. If show decides that there’s a loophole and I see a very non-vampire Elena on season four’s first episode, I will hack this show with a virtual saw. I mean, you finally decided to turn her into a vampire and I do think it’s inevitable since what, everyone’s a vampire, and then you go chicken balls on me and you want to keep her a “human” (She’s still THE doppelganger!), I will get mad show, I will.

However, I do think that a vampire Elena makes for a less interesting show. Some of you might argue that it will actually make it more interesting. She’s now a vampire so how will very moral Elena adapt to it. What will Damon do now? Will Katherine show up? Will Damon break Stefan’s neck for letting Elena die? What’s gonna happen? Yes, those are interesting problems but I’m just curious what will be the general goal of the show now that Elena’s a vampire? It’s been all about protecting her since the first season and now that she’s sorta invincible (faster, stronger, immortal), what’s gonna happen? Ric’s dead (HUHUHUHU), I just don’t know where the show’s gonna head.

Of course, the Klaus-Caroline-Tyler front is MIGHTY INTERESTING but I will definitely miss Joseph Morgan. They didn’t show his body burn to ashes so I hope he can come back soon. Heehee. I haven’t published this long-standing draft of a villain review of Joseph Morgan’s Klaus but I will soon, in memory of him. Haha! Anyway, Klaus is now in Tyler’s body and I imagine it’s gonna be hard for Michael Trevino to act that one out but I have faith in him. So what happens is that both Team Forwood and Team Klaroline wins because we have Tyler’s body but Klaus in it. Haha! Now Tyler gets to be the big baddie and such a great and large role! But Joseph Morgan. Part of I stuck with TVD was Joseph Morgan, I’m serious. I mean, I never planned on dropping it but by Heart of Darkness, I was so busy with school. I only finished TVD the past few weeks because I miss Joseph Morgan and season four’s starting soon.

And now that Elena is a vampire, she’ll remember that memory Damon compelled and all other things and I am so excited. Delena forever! I do think Stefan is good but meh, Damon forever!

Anyway, my thoughts are everywhere. Point is, I will still watch TVD and I hope it’s still good!

Three days!




Songs from The Vampire Diaries S03E22 The Departed

So What” by P!nk
Flashback of Elena waking.

“Wasted” by Low VS Diamond
Flashback of Elena, Matt and Bonnie talking outside of school.

“Airplane” by Shadow ReWinD
Alaric asks Jeremy where Klaus’ body is.

“Sick Muse” by Metric
Flashback of Elena calling home for a ride.

“Dauðalogn” by Sigur Rós
Closing scenes.

Songs from The Vampire Diaries S03E21 Before Sunset

I will update the scenes later. Enjoy! :D

1. The Gods Of Macho “Reno”
Scene: Alaric drags Caroline toward the school; Elena and Jeremy paint.

2. Middle Class Rut “Start To Run”
Scene: Klaus tries to get into Elena’s house.

3. Analogue Revolution “Light”
Scene: Damon and Stefan walk Elena to her door and then Elena tells them that she’s being selfish because she doesn’t want to lose them.

4. We Were Promised Jetpacks “Act On Impulse”
Scene: Damon and Stefan talk while on their way to get rid of Klaus.

5. James Carrington “Ache”
Scene: Jeremy tells Elena that he won’t lose Elena; Elena goes back to painting before collapsing.

Songs from The Vampire Diaries S03E20 Do Not Go Gentle

I will update the scenes later. :D

Blind Pilot “We Are The Tide”
Scene: At the start. Caroline and Elena talk while setting up for the dance.

Caro Emerald “That Man”
Scene: Bonnie dances with Jamie; Caroline reminds Matt that Elena is spoken for; Caroline confronts Tyler for not staying in hiding; Stefan and Elena arrive at the dance.

Sinead O’Connor “You Do Something To Me”
Scene: Elena dances with Stefan before Damon talks to them.

Helen Forrest “The Man I Love”
Scene: Klaus cuts in on Caroline and Tyler.

The Fray “Be Still”
Scene: Alaric tells Elena & Jeremy he’s not completing the transition; They all say goodbye to him.

Daughter “Medicine”
Scene: End of the episode: Elena tries to dispose of Alaric’s things while telling Stefan she lost another person; Stefan takes her back to the gym.