Songs from The Secret Circle S01E21 Prom

“Get It Right” by Adam Oliver
Scene: Faye, Melissa, Adam and Jake talk about Nick.

“Rain Delay” by Tanlines
Scene: Cassie and Diana go for coffee; Cassie interrupts Diana and Grant after receiving a text.

“What We’re Doing” by The Danks
Scene: The group arrives at prom; Dawn calls Charles from the dance.

“Only Happy When It Rains” by Garbage
Scene: Cassie and Diana go back in time.

“Mine To Take” by Valida
Scene: Adam and Melissa talk while guarding the door.

“Nonesuch” by Tanlines
Scene: Faye and Jake talk and dance.

Songs from The Secret Circle S01E20 Traitor

“Go Right Ahead” by The Hives
Scene: Faye finds her family’s crystal while her and Jake are hooking up.

“Never Steady” by The Sweaters
Scene: Melissa and Adam talk and drink.

“Blood For Poppies” by Garbage
Scene: Charles confronts John.